Is Milk Healthy For Cats Or Does It Cause Digestive Issues?

Many people love to give their cats milk, and cats definitely seem to enjoy the treat. Yet you might not know that milk isn’t healthy for most cats out there. The reason for this is most cats are lactose intolerant. If you weren’t aware of this fact, then you might not want to give your cats milk and instead opt for plain water. However, there is an alternative solution.

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There is lactose reduced milk. In fact, you will find products out there that claim to be ‘highly digestible milk.’ Notice the solution was a ‘lactose reduced milk’ and not a ‘lactose free milk.’ It really is best if you just avoid the milk altogether. Cats that get milk tend to also drink less water, and that isn’t good either.

It was mentioned that not all cats are lactose intolerant. However, most cats do have a problem digesting milk’s sugars, and so that needs to be taken into consideration. If you have any questions about giving your cat milk, you can ask your vet and even have your cat evaluated. Perhaps your cat is not lactose intolerant, and he or she can have milk and be just fine. It should be mentioned, however, that milk also contains quite a lot of fat.

If you do decide to get the lactose reduced milk, you are going to find the marketed products often have extra added nutrients as well. This would be one benefit to buying this type of milk for your cat. One thing you want to be sure of is that your cat is also drinking plenty of water. You also want to be sure as well that your cat doesn’t develop a calcium deficiency. This shouldn’t happen by simply leaving off the milk because there are plenty of other ways for a cat to get enough calcium in its diet.

Rice milk and soy milk are two other alternatives. There are all kinds of things you can do to address this concern. You don’t want your cats to have digestive issues based on the lactose or sugar that is contained in milk. Figure out the best solution, and you will keep your cats healthy and happy. If you decide to stop giving your cats milk, and you feel bad about it, don’t worry because you are doing what’s best for your cats. There are plenty of other treats available, too.